Ciclo de Palestras sobre Tradução

Data do Evento: 
qua, 15/05/2013 - 14:00

O CITRAT (Centro Inter-departamental de Tradução e Terminologia), a Cátedra W. B. Yeats de Estudos Irlandeses da USP, o Departamento de Letras Modernas da FFLCH-USP, e os Programas de Mestrado e Doutorado em Tradução (TRADUSP) e Língua Inglesa e Literaturas de Língua Inglesa (LILINA) convidam para as seguintes palestras de Carol O'Sullivan, University of Portsmouth, UK:


14h, 15 de maio, S.261, Prédio de Letras, FFLLCH-USP, Avenida Luciano Gualberto 403, Cidade Universitária, São Paulo.


"The many languages of Boccaccio's Decameron: Margin and the third person effect in Victorian  translation publishing"

The Victorian period in Britain is well-known for its policing of morality in cultural production.  Although there was no institutional prior censorship of printed works, books were frequently  expurgated. Translations of classic works constitute a useful object of study because “classic” status protected even notorious works to some extent, and their freedom from copyright allowed for frequent republication. Source texts whose content contravened target-culture norms were expurgated to different extents for different readerships, illustrating W. Phillips Davison’s (1983) third-person effect hypothesis. This chapter looks at six translations published as “Extra Volumes” to Bohn’s Standard Library and traces re-editions and retranslations of the same texts through the second half of the nineteenth century with a view to exploring the range of censoring practices deployed in Victorian translation publishing. A textual case study of Boccaccio’s Decameron illustrates these practices in action.